Sunday, May 19, 2013

Iron Mania Returns!

And, I'm back to my blogging ways. Back after a gap of what? 10 months, maybe? Can't blame anybody but me. Anyway, let's get down to business. I came back after watching Iron Man 3. The movie had already been spoiled by Shaumik. (He's a total jerk! He even spoiled TDKR for me the last year!)

Shaumik expressed his opinion over the movie, invited my comments, forced me into reading his blogpost full of spoilers, yet I found the movie a good one! In fact, one of the better SUPERHERO movies you are likely to see. (Okay maybe not as awesome as the Nolan Trilogy)


The movie begins with a flashback narrative by Tony Stark, some 13 years ago. It's New Year's eve '99. Our timeless playboy Anthony Stark is in his Let's-party-Let's-get-laid mood. Accompanying him is his trusted bodyguard Happy Hogan (Random Trivia: In the comics, Pepper Potts and Hogan were romantically involved even married until the latter's death, that is) and his biologist friend Maya Hansen. While, Stark, Hansen and Hogan get into an elevator, in comes our Creepy-mad-scientist-next-door Aldrich Killian. (Who is well hopelessly nerdy in his looks) There he offers Stark and Hansen a job to join his new venture: The Advanced Idea Mechanics aka A.I.M. Stark tells him to wait for him on the roof and never shows up, this kinda ticks the nerd off and in a way constructs the major plot of the movie. Then, Maya and Stark discuss about her work, "Extremis" which is a tech doohickey which can be used to reprogram a living being enhancing their physique and even developing super powers.

Cut to the present, the Malibu residence of our protagonist who's working on his armors bullying his robotic instruments and exchanging witty banter with his Butler like A.I., J.A.R.V.I.S. Next, we move to Stark Industries, where Pepper Potts is expected to meet her ex-boyfriend (no cookies for guessing) Killian, who has mysteriously lost his buck teeth, nerdy glasses, crutch and the old nerdy ways. They discuss EXTREMIS and Pepper refuses any business collaboration. Hogan is doubtful about Killian, recognizing him to be the same nerd who showed up 12 years ago, he decides to tail his associate, which does not end very well. He ends up at the Chinese theatre at the time of a Suicide Bombing and subsequently is hospitalised. Meanwhile, Stark has been having panic attacks owing to his exploits during the Chitauri invasion at New York, and this has actually resulted in a strained relationship with Pepper, who has agreed to move in with him after the events of The Avengers. 

Between, all this there have been Suicide Bombings across whole of the world, with a terrorist leader named the Mandarin taking the responsibility. With Happy in a coma owing to a similar blast, Stark issues a threat to the Mandarin on national television, and well... Mandarin issues a preemptive strike, and some Ka-Pow, Boom and Bang later, Stark finds himself in the middle of nowhere, with his suit offline and him presumed dead. And, from there on he goes on to connect the dots with the help of a new found sidekick, a kid with a rockety mouth. There a few twists and turns, which ultimately leads to a spectacular climax, with 3 and a half dozens of Iron Man armors all operating simultaneously! 'nuff said! 


The storyline is loosely based on the "EXTREMIS" story arc

The storyline is loosely based on the "EXTREMIS" story arc. Then, there is the Iron Patriot! Iron Patriot is the War Machine armor painted "All American" commissioned by the POTUS to counter Mandarin. In the MCU, (Marvel Comics Universe) however Iron Patriot was the armor used by Norman Osbourne (yes the Green Goblin!) while he was in charge of the Homeland Security after the events of the Skrull Invasion. So, basically he was a villain. 

Norman Osbourne as the Iron Patriot. I hate him!

The movie also served as the official introduction to the Super Crime Cartel the A.I.M. into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which might have an implication in the Avengers sequel maybe? 


I wanted to watch a badass Mandarin!
Kudos to Shane Black, the movie is simply the best out of the 3 Iron Man movies. Downey Jr., is again a class act. You cannot distinguish if he's playing Tony Stark or if he's being himself. Being a comic book enthusiast I know one thing for sure that he has actually redefined one of the most dull comic characters of all times (Tony Stark, NOT Iron Man!) and transformed him into something awe inspiring! Guy Pearce sure did look nasty! But, it was Downey Jr. all the way. I somewhat missed Agent Coulson here. I hear that Clark Gregg is all set to reprise his role as the S.H.I.E.L.D. top agent Coulson in the ABC TV series, featuring the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

However, I am thoroughly disappointed with the portrayal of the Mandarin, I expected a lot more! In fact, I even had sought a connection between the Terrorist group "The 10 Rings" (which is quite obvious, or was supposed to be) from the first part and the Mandarin, which only seemed logical, but sadly there wasn't one.

All in all, I went to watch Tony Stark, and he did not fail to deliver. 

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