Saturday, August 11, 2012

S.C.Avengers: IIT's Dopiest

The Inedible Bulk

The Bulk!! Hold your breath!!
C-Tease was a normal Web-Designer. Somehow, he ended up on the test site for a "Shit Bomb". The explosion transformed him into a yellow skinned embodiment of SHIT!!! THE INEDIBLE BULK!!
The Dirtier he gets, the Stronger he becomes. Behold, the wrath of the Walking Shit-load!!


  • Shit Rage
  • Shit Talk
  • Foul Smell
  • Bad Breath
  • Bulk Spam

Phony Stark/ Iron Pan

Phony, in his workshop
Some say Hack Saw was a child prodigy, some say he was just another average geek. Better known for his
pseudonym Phony Stark, modelled on his favorite super-hero. Carrying an aversion for Teflon Coated pans, Shah, is a highly proficient engineer having dismantled each of his childhood toys and occasionally his own lappy (only to end up contacting Dell to fix it back!!). He is the Iron Pan, pioneer of Gujju Food Technology!!


  • Khakra Cannon
  • Dhokla Blaster
  • Smart (read fart) Grenades
  • Uni Cream Softy

Bore: The God Of Blunder

Bore in his Deep Slumber
Bore, is one of the lesser known Asgardian deities. Also, known as Bore The Blunderer, he lives in his human form amongst us in the body of Satteek Mehta. The Blunder God is also known for his fondness of sweets. The Frost Giants once lured him into an ambush using a Double-scoop Ice cream, and then again tricked him by sending him off to the hostel mess following a hoax regarding free sweets, when the Asgardian forces needed him the most.


  • Blunder-Strike.
  • Paneer, the war mallet made out of the Asgardian "Uru" (not the Uru metal of Thor's Hammer Mjonir) variety of Cottage cheese.
  • Blunder-Storm

Constable Roorkee

Constable (left) with Dr. Singh (right) ,
 prior to the experimental procedure
"Pandy", attended the NCC camp after his 1st semester at IIT Roorkee. At the camp he underwent intensive training to volunteer for the SCP (Super Chomu Program). As per the program, he was treated with Dr. Ashmeet Singh's (not so secret) super strength "Lal Goli" Formula. Thus, came into being the very first Super Chomu of all!! Codenamed as Constable Roorkee!!

  • Branch Changing Maneuvers 
  • Frisbee, Dishes, Lids etc.(he is obsessed with disc-like objects)
  • Ghissand Smash
  • Super-Stealthy Shoulder Poking
  • Ugly Dance

Director Paani-Puri Of F.I.E.L.D.

Director Puri, constipated much?
Paani-Puri, is one badass dude for a leader. Director of the F.I.E.L.D. (Faltu IIT Enterprise Leading to Disasters) Agency, Puri is the one responsible for assembling the aforementioned members to be his S.C.Avengers (Super Chomu Avengers) 

And, Thus came the S.C.Avengers into being!!

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