Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises: What to expect?

Who's the MAN? B-A-T-M-A-N!

Yes, he is my favorite, he is everyone's favorite: The "Goddamn Batman". The conclusion to Nolan's Batman Trilogy will be hitting the cinemas within 3 days. Sometime back, while I was reading some Batman titles I realized that Chris Nolan had actually borrowed or umm....  lets say loosely adapted the screenplay from some of those story arcs. For instance, there were many scenes in 2005's Batman Begins, which had been taken from Frank Miller's "Batman: Year One". Then, again in 2008's The Dark Knight, Harvey Dent's character portrayal was very similar to that in "Batman: A Long Halloween"Coming to the 3rd installment of the superhit series, many experts have actually speculated that the plot has been taken from the 1993's 
"Knightfall saga".


It was a major Batman story arc, which added Bane into Batman's Rogue gallery. Bane played by Tom Hardy, also happens to be the main antagonist of the upcoming movie. The "Knightfall" storyline revolves around Bane who is hellbent on beating Batman both physically and mentally. To achieve his goal, Bane actually helps the inmates of the infamous Arkham Asylum to escape, and thereby weakens Batman. Then, Bane correctly deduces Batman's secret identity and after Batman is exhausted to the point of defenselessness, Bane storms into the Wayne Manor and then after a short brawl he breaks Batman's back leaving him paralyzed below the waist.

Wayne decides to hand over his cape and cowl to Azrael, a superhero-in-training under Batman and Robin. Azrael designs an armor for himself and single-handedly beats Bane. Meanwhile, some 15 issues later, Wayne fully recovers from his back injury, all credits to his lady love, Shondra Kinsolving's Metahuman healing talents, whereas Azarel goes rogue. The later half of the Knightfall focuses on Wayne's training under Lady Shiva who helps him regain his combat skills and reflexes. Finally, he beats Azrael to reclaim the mantle of the Batman: END OF THE STORY!


  • We haven't heard anything even remotely related to Azrael or Lady Shiva being in the movie, but, Liam Neeson is going to reprise his role as Ra's Al Ghul, leader of the eco-terrorist organisation "The League of Shadows" which in the film continuity trained Bruce in the arts of Ninjutsu, tried to destroy Gotham in Batman Begins and is believed to be involved in the murders of the Waynes.
  • The trailers featured Bane introducing himself as "Gotham's Reckoning", which very much matches Al Ghul's own agenda further establishing somewhat a link between Bane and the league. And... this reminds me of the "Legacy" storyline in which Ra's decides to name Bane his successor instead of Batman (Remember Ra's Al Ghul wants Batman to lead his organisation!) thus justifying his I-am-going-to-judge-Gotham attitude!   
  • Then again, Batman is shown to have retired 8 years ago after Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes' deaths (in The Dark Knight). He decides to put on his cowl again to face Bane, so I expect some scenes inspired from yet another of Frank Miller's graphic Novels: "The Dark knight Returns".
  • As depicted in the "Knightfall" saga Bane is expected to "break" Batman, not his back though, maybe just injuring his leg, but he definitely breaks his spirit! Enter Selina Kyle aka the Catwoman who will help him recover both physically and mentally. Ms. Kyle is expected to fill in the roles of both Shondra Kinsolving and Lady Shiva from the "Knightfall" saga.
  • Although, I am unable to figure out the role Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be playing in the movie, but while I was watching the 3rd trailer to the movie, during a certain sequence I felt that it was actually Levitt wearing the cowl, so MAYBE his role is analogous to that of Azrael? But, that is ENTIRELY my hypothesis and I myself am not very sure about it!

Gosh, I'm so excited! The Legend ends! 3 more days to go! I'll be back with TDKR movie reviews next time. Till then goodbye!

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